Current Exhibition

Nicola Hallman's exhibition ‘Home’ is showing at The Resurgence Centre, Hartland, EX39 6BS.

The gallery will be open on Tuesdays and Fridays, 10am-5pm, from 25 August - 15 September 2023.Drawing of a couple kissing by Nicola Hallman

... the human body, in whatever form it takes, holds immense beauty - Nicola Hallman


My name is Nicola Hallman and I am an emerging artist from the South-West.  I base a lot of my pieces on body positivity and body acceptance, and I aim for my art to show how the human body, in whatever form it takes, holds immense beauty.  I love to use bold, vibrant colours in all my work, to help enhance and celebrate all the curves, bumps, folds & features.  My other passion is the Ocean, and I love to find ways to depict my version of the local landscape I am lucky enough to live within.  Although I have always enjoyed drawing and creating it was during lockdown that I renewed my love for painting, particularly abstract, acrylic works.  I am self taught, and really enjoying exploring new techniques and experimenting with different mediums and methods.

More information about Nicola’s work

If you are interested in exhibiting your artwork at The Resurgence Centre, please contact Amy