Current Exhibition: Coastal Creatives

April 5 – 19 2024, Resurgence Centre, Hartland, EX39 6BS

Open 10am - 3pm Tuesday to Fridays and Sundays 7 & 14 April

A celebration of local artists, inspired by Nature and the landscape. View artwork, prints and gifts from artists in and around Hartland.

Clive Brocklehurst is a professional artist and illustrator living in Hartland. Painted in watercolour, his original works are inspired by North Devon landscapes and legends.

painting of a seascape


Merlyn Chesterman was born in England and grew up in Hong Kong, returning to England to study Fine Art at Bath Academy of Art, Corsham, followed by a DipEd at Bath University. She is a woodblock printmaker and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers.

painting of a seascape


Nicola Hallman loves to find ways to depict her version of the local landscape. ”Although I have always enjoyed drawing and creating, it was during lockdown that I renewed my love for painting, particularly abstract works in acrylic. I am self-taught and I enjoy exploring new techniques and experimenting with different mediums and methods.”

painting of cliffs

Jay Luttman-Johnson's hand-painted linocut prints, celebrate the strangeness of life through myths, fairy tales, dreams and personal experience.  

Jay Luttman-Johnson linocut

Sam Lythgoe-Jones completed his Fine Art degree in painting back in 1998 and has remained ever creative, but not necessarily creating artwork. The power of Nature has always been a source of inspiration and is at the heart of his photography, music and art pieces. Artists that have inspired him greatly are those such as Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky and Hundertwasser. This exhibition has re-kindled his original passion, back to the paintbrush. Onwards and upwards!

Lisa Rothwell-Orr’s paintings are largely experimental and are mostly inspired by the natural world or satellite imagery of the Earth and space. Occasionally reminiscent of photographic snapshots, some are dark and brooding, some serene and contemplative, and others are a celebration of colour on which to feast the eyes.

painting of foam


Mia Stewart-Wilson’s work is an exploration using watercolour on paper. Water and pigment are natural elements, and how they behave gives rise to how the paintings come about. They also tell stories about the extraordinary world we have the good fortune to inhabit. 

Rob Wilson took up the brushes on turning sixty. He considers himself self-taught. The failings of which he's borne with patience and understanding, determined and canny enough to push in directions that have at times both stilled and overwhelmed him. In mixed media, he travels this journey of enlightenment upon St Cuthberts Mill 300lbs watercolour and Bockingford 280lbs papers. 

Jennie Wright has a silkscreen studio in Hartland. She has been influenced by the local coastal area and many of her prints relate to the sea. Jennie also explores biographical narratives which often leads to referencing domestic and familiar objects as metaphors. 

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